Thank you for being members of Cupertino Coin Club. We value your membership and participation in our club. The Board of Directors and Officers thank you for pledging to support us at the April induction in our efforts to keep this club thriving. COVID has had a negative impact on the club. We were not able to hold a show in 2021. The clock is running on lead time needed to put on a show in 2022. Costs are rising everywhere. The club continues to have expenses for things such as monthly meeting room rental, minimal meeting snacks, club website, insurance, and the medals produced in 2020-21 for a show which we have yet to hold, including two dies for both the obverse and reverse. We need your monetary support. Please show your support by bringing your dues current by submitting your $12.00/year (that’s $1.00/month) for adults and $6/year (that’s 50¢/month). We found it necessary to increase our annual dues which had remained $5/year for adults and $1/year for youth, for 21 years, but that is no longer viable. If you value your numismatic hobby, local club, and the friendships made here, and want to keep this club running, please become current on your dues. You can mail your check to the club PO Box or give it to the club Treasurer in person at the next meeting. If you prefer to pay electronically, please contact the club Vice President at cupertinocoinclub@gmail.com for the email address linked to a PayPal Account. Do not attempt to PayPal directly to the club email; it won’t work. Thank you, again!

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