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Sunday, October 18, 2020, Cupertino Coin Club held our annual banquet with 27 members and guests participating. We had 19 members and guests attending in the private back patio at the lovely Palermo Italian in mid-town San Jose. Eight members and their families got take-out meals from the restaurant and joined in at home via Zoom for the Awards presentations. Special thanks go to Gran G for his assistance with Zoom and Emile M who gave those at home an up-front view by moving his iPad around for each award. Our photographers were Emile M, Steve T, Alex T, and Suzy T. Betty H received the Medal Design Award from our Medals Chairman, Emile M. Lyle O, Jerome R, and Steve W received Life Member Awards.
Matthew M filled Michael Turrini’s shoes by reading Mr. Turrini’s opening Inspirational and representing NCNA, CSNA, and the ANA. Alex T assisted Matthew with the distribution of the following Awards. Don P and Al Lo were awarded the prestigious Gordon R. Donnell Award. Gran G IV and his son, Griffin, were each awarded the NCNA President’s Citation. ANA Certificates of Recognition were awarded to Don P, Emile M, Fred & Martha D, Griffin G, Matthew M, and Gary A posthumously awarded to his brother, Carl. President, Suzy accepted on behalf of Cupertino Coin Club, California State Numismatic Association’s letter and certificate in congratulations of our club’s 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary, 1970-2020.
Tokens of Esteem were awarded to Rita M, Dan B, and Betty H. Numerous President’s Thank You Gifts were handed out in appreciation of members’ selfless contributions to the club over the last 12 months. Speaker trophies were handed out to Don P, Harold W, Matthew M, and Emile M for their Zoom presentations from May – October. Betty H’s guess of the number of Skittles in the gumball machine was the closest without going over, but she asked that it be awarded to the next closest guesser, who was Keith S. Ken B won the money jar guessing game. Five rounds of Bingo were played with the winners being Carl A, Emile M, Suzy T, Emile M again, and Ken B. Steve M won BINGO Blackout. It was wonderful getting together in person. Everyone was thanked for attending at 9:00 pm. Thank you, to Matthew’s family for helping us carry everything out to our car. We look forward to next year’s banquet with the hope that more members will be able to attend. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!
Suzy T,


October 17, 2020, during the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) ‘General Annual Meeting’, as mandated in Canadian corporate law, via ZOOM and Smart-Phone, these two were recognized:
ALEXANDER B. ‘Xan’ CHAMBERLAIN, a ‘President’s Award’, for his generosity and enthusiasm for our hobby, and
MICHAEL S. TURRINI, a ‘President’s Award’
There were other numerous recipients; three of whom, the above two plus CLIFFORD L. MISHLER, are well-known in our Golden State.


We are set for a wonderful banquet Sun, Oct 18. The smoke had cleared but is now back temporarily. The forecast shows the air is expected to clear Oct 7.
It has been confirmed that there will be plenty of warmth with lots of tall heat lamps and ample lighting with illumination from LED string lights above and candles and table lanterns on each table to be able to comfortably read Bingo cards.  In addition, the restaurant has recently installed brand-new clear water-tight tile roofing installed above our back-patio area in case of rain. You can see this new roofing in the picture below.
There is a new Take-Out option for members who feel it best to participate remotely in the interest of their health. This option gets you the exclusive, coveted annual banquet chip! You can select the time you want to pick up your To-Go meal. Just use the attached banquet order form, writing “Take-Out” somewhere visible and the pick-up time you will be picking your meal(s) up at Palermo on Oct 18. PLEASE PROVIDE your PHONE NUMBER IN CASE we or the restaurant have QUESTIONS about your TAKE-OUT order. Your order will be placed by the Banquet Chair with the restaurant along with the clubs’ orders.
As a reminder, or for new attendees to the banquet, we will be passing out a lot of awards. We appreciate our members and their selfless contribution of time and energy to club activities. We will have two guessing games (one with coins and one with candy), five rounds of Bingo, and one final round of Bingo Black-out with outstanding prizes (American Silver Eagles and a special Black-out grand prize)! Members may bring a guest at the same discounted meal rate as their own. Additional guests are welcome for an additional $10 per meal.
We look forward to seeing everyone in person! It will be a fun night with a delicious meal and excellent company at a top-notch local restaurant. Mail your Banquet Order Form in TODAY with your payment. For PayPal payments, send an email, NOT a payment to this address:, and we will reply with the appropriate PayPal email address. For questions, please email the President at Thank you. Ciao!